We are Proud to Present This Flawless Black On Black BMW 535 XI All Wheel Drive.


This thrill-a-minute in-line 6 — with 3 liters, 2 turbochargers, 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque — was introduced for 2006 on BMW’s smaller 3 Series. And like the bears’ proverbial porridge, it delivers just-right heat for the rear-drive 535i and the all-wheel-drive 535xi. Both are ridiculously stronger than the 230-horsepower base models (the 528i and 528xi), with identical mileage: 17/25 in city and highway driving.


And compared with the V-8 version of the 5 Series, the 550i, they are lighter, cost several thousand dollars less and are almost as quick.


While the basic automatic-transmission 528xi takes a snoozy 7.6 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour, the 535xi blazes there in 5.6 seconds, a remarkable two-second advantage. Despite having 360 horsepower, the burly V-8 model is basically neck-and-neck at 5.5 seconds.


Piloting the 5 Series feels so natural that you barely notice turning the grippy, well-designed steering wheel; it’s more like flexing muscles in your palms and fingers, and the BMW anticipates where you’re headed. The ride is luxurious, the cabin quiet.


For the 2008 model year, all 5 Series cars get a barely discernable makeover for the front fascia, headlamps and taillamps. A restyled center console features six memory buttons that store all manner of presets: radio stations, navigation destinations, phone numbers. New options include a U.S.B. and iPod integration kit, adaptive cruise control and a lane-departure warning system that vibrates the steering wheel when the car starts to drift from its lane.

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