Consignment Program

Whether you are an avid collector, or a casual hobbyist, you are doubtlessly aware how difficult it can be to sell your Exotic car at a fair price in today’s collector car marketplace.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time and money marketing a fine car, and receiving little more in return than an endless string of low ball offers from bargain hunters, or insulting questions and commentary from individuals who, while having no money to actually purchase your car, feel it is their duty to tell you that the Rims on your 1999 Porsche 911 C4S should have been Black!

Of course, you can always go the auction route. But, as a lot of hobbyists have learned the hard way, the only one that nearly always comes out on top in an auction situation is the auctioneer. The major auto auctions are a sucker’s game, unless you are a smart buyer.

Car Consignment Program

Ararat European Motorsports car consignment program can take the pain and aggravation out of the selling process, while assuring you of top dollar for your car.

If we decide to take your vehicle on consignment, the process is very simple. First, we can help arrange the transport of your vehicle to our showroom. Second, we detail your vehicle. Third, our mechanics give your vehicle a complete safety check, and we provide you with a report of any items we feel need to be repaired in order to make the car Presentable. The Best Part About AEM, We can handle ALL of the repairs at our normal shop rate + any parts that are necessary. Fourth, we conduct a professional photo and video shoot of your collector vehicle, and then we unveil it to the world, with an accurate description of your car’s condition.

In addition to showroom floor time, where your car will be seen by high dollar collectors who visit us from all over the world, your car will be listed on our website, and on five Internet storefronts that we market from, which drive traffic to our website. In total, our marketing sites average more than 1.1 MILLION hits per month.

Your vehicle is stored in our heated/air conditioned and highly secure facility, which has 24 hour security and 24 hour redundant camera surveillance. We are adequately and properly insured for the full value of your car.

Our reputation in the market is a huge factor in our ability to market and sell your car. A sophisticated buyer and/or collector wants to deal with a known entity that has a reputation, and will stand behind their representations. Such a person is much less likely to purchase from a private owner, or someone operating out of a warehouse space.

As a legitimate, licensed used car dealer, Ararat European Motorsports can handle the transaction from start to finish, assuring that all laws are complied with, and that the paperwork is handled properly.

In summary, whether you have an entire collection to liquidate, or just one very special car, Ararat European Motorsports car consignment program is a very attractive alternative to the discriminating hobbyist who wants a fast, painless transaction.

Car Consignment Fees

Our car consignment program is entirely contingency fee based. There is no fee to you if we do not sell your car, aside from the transportation of the vehicle. Fees are 3%, 4% and 5% depending on the gross sale price of your car.

For further information on our car consignment program, or a list of references that have benefited from our ability to properly market and sell high grade collector cars,

Call Tony Ouzo (801)486-2040 Or (801)580-1871


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